Premium & inspired stone craftsmanship that stands the test of time

Uniquely crafted, high-end stonework that harmonizes durability, sustainability and beauty.

John Bland is a dry stone waller and dry stone mason whose vision is to bring to life the landscape by creating timeless & functional stone work that will last for generations.

Following traditional dry stone walling and masonry practices, he applies old world time-tested techniques to transform a pile of rocks into architectural creations that tell a story from an ancient time.

The use of locally sourced, natural materials combined with skillful craftsmanship allow for creations that are strong and long lasting while maintaining a low carbon foot print. 

Projects & services include: 3D models, dry stone walls (new & restoration), various artistic and architectural features including arches, pillars as well as the creation of astronomical sites.

What is Dry Stone Walling?

Dry stone walling is an ancient time-tested craft whereby a wall is constructed using stones without cement or mortar to bind them together.  This allows the wall to be more flexible and thus long lasting as the stones adjust and settle along with the natural movements of the ground. The structural integrity arises from the friction and structural placement of the stones reinforced with the strength of gravity.

The building materials used are typically stones removed from the fields and the art is not necessarily in cutting the stone, but in being able to see how and where various stones can harmoniously and aesthetically fit together.